Sea Changes

From the Director

The phrase “sea change” refers to profound transformation. For many of us, the last year has felt like changes are coming in giant waves, as we’ve weathered a pandemic amidst heat domes, wildfires, and increasing signs that our climate is in crisis. At Long Live the Kings, we’re ready to look for the opportunities in moments of change.

With the Pacific Salmon Foundation, we recently released the final report of the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project. This solutions-focused research achievement caps a decade of collaboration with more than 60 partners from the U.S., Canada, and Tribal nations. It documents literal sea changes sweeping across the Salish Sea ecosystem. Human-caused changes to the climate and the landscape have set off ripple effects, leaving salmon facing less food, less habitat, and more predators.

These findings are cause for urgency, but also for hope. Read on to see how LLTK is testing solutions for predation, food supply, and hatcheries across the region. For us and our partners, the Marine Survival Project
marks a sea change in our ability to see the big picture, work across borders, and recover salmon in a changing world.

I’m heartened to see these changes taking hold, as the needs of salmon, orcas, and the entire ecosystem finally get more attention from policymakers and the public. I’m inspired by our staff and partners who made the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project a transformational success in demonstrating impact-driven science at its best. And I’m profoundly grateful to you, our supporters, for your unwavering dedication to salmon and all that depends on them. Like salmon coming home, we have these shared values to navigate by, however the seas change around us.

Jacques White, LLTK Executive Director

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Beyond Marine Survival

New Horizons for the Future of Salmon

Explore the complete findings of the Marine Survival Project at Read on to see how LLTK is working across the ecosystem to put this research into action.

Go behind the scenes with our partners:

A Changing Ecosystem: Modeling the future of the salmon food web
Restoring the balance: Understanding salmon and their predators

Human development has created bottlenecks where seals have easy pickings on migrating salmon. In 2021, LLTK secured $3.62 million in legislative funding for immediate solutions at the Hood Canal Bridge, a key predator hot spot. We’re also helping partners test technologies to deter seals at other known hot spots.

Forage fish provide both food for salmon and an alternative prey source for their predators. We’re working with the Nisqually Indian Tribe and Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe to study and restore herring populations through traditional Indigenous methods. The entire marine food web is affected by wind, sunlight, water temperature, and other climate conditions that are rapidly changing as our region warms. At our Glenwood Springs and Lilliwaup facilities, we’re testing hatchery techniques that may offer models for greater salmon diversity and resilience to climate change and other threats.

Loss of estuary and nearshore habitat and contaminated river and marine waters harm salmon, their food sources, and species like orcas that rely on them. We’re working with private, public, and Tribal partners to find and test ways to find and test ways to clean stormwater and restore our urban waterfronts, estuaries, and shorelines.

The Marine Survival Project proved that ecosystem science and solutions are a long-term team effort. LLTK is building connections between salmon and people across the region, with 20,800 Survive the Sound participants in the race’s fifth year, and more than 20 online webinars and lectures during the pandemic. And because a sustainable future depends on a just and equitable society, we’ve committed to learning and making diversity, equity, and inclusion an ongoing part of our work.


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Revenue: $2,534,692  |  Expenses: $2,087,141

      Financial information from 2020 Federal 990 Report

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      Government: $1,212,153*

      Foundations: $353,813

      Non-profit: $6,675

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      Management: $489,415

      Fundraising: $275,944

      *Includes: International Commissions, Federal, State, and Other

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      Thank you to our 2020 project partners.


      American Rivers
      Anthony’s Restaurants
      Beta Hatch
      Cedar Grove
      City of Bellingham
      Environmental Science Associates
      Fisheries and Oceans Canada
      Friends of Moran State Park
      Game of Life
      Hama Hama Company
      Hood Canal Coordinating Council
      Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group
      Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe
      Jefferson County
      King County
      King County Wastewater Treatment Division
      Lilliwaup Falls Generating Company
      Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe
      Lummi Nation
      Mason County
      Montana Banana
      Moran State Park
      Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
      Natural Systems Designs
      Nisqually Indian Tribe
      Nisqually Land Trust
      NOAA Fisheries Service
      Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
      Northwest Marine Technology
      Oceans Initiative
      Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
      Pacific Salmon Foundation
      Phenomenal She

      Pike Place Fish Market
      Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe
      Puget Sound Partnership
      Puyallup Tribe of Indians
      Q13 Fox Television
      San Juan County
      SeaDoc Society
      Seattle Aquarium
      Seattle City Light
      Seattle Public Utilities
      Skagit River System Cooperative
      Skagit Watershed Council
      Skokomish Tribal Nation
      Smultea Sciences
      Squaxin Island Tribe
      Stillaguamish Tribe
      Tacoma Power
      The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
      Trout Unlimited
      Tulalip Tribes
      University of Washington
      US Fish and Wildlife Service
      US Forest Service
      US Geological Survey
      US Navy
      WA Department of Natural Resources
      WA Department of Transportation
      WA Sea Grant
      Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
      Washington Dept of Ecology
      Washington Salmon Coalition
      Washington State University
      Western Washington University
      Wild Fish Conservancy
      WRIA 8 Salmon Recovery Council
      Y.E.T.I. Outdoors


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      Heidi Heistand
      Monique Heller
      Rory Henneck
      Dianna Hergott
      Carmen Hernandez
      Mikaela Hicks
      Ingrid and Lloyd Hile
      Janet Hinrichs
      Michelle Hockmuth
      Bronwyn Hogenson
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      William Hutto
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      Jimi A James
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      Nic Jannsen
      Jacqueline Jarrahzadeh
      Juan Jasso
      Jayme Jay
      Jackie Jennings
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      Kate Jewell
      Dann and Jo Ann Johannesen
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      David Josue
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      Ann and Fred Kaiser
      Amanda Kalichstein
      Carol and Greg Karalus
      Martha and Bill Keetle
      Shannon Keith
      Ken Keller
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      Sharon Kennedy
      Krystal Kennedy-Wheeler
      James Kenoyer
      Casey Kerney
      Thomas Key
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      Bill King
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      Julie King Hately
      Emily Kirk
      Marc Kirkpatrick
      Timothy Kirkpatrick
      Koichi Kitazumi
      Craig and Heather Kitterman
      Scot and Dianne Klick
      Rob Kluge
      Connor Knapp
      Charles Knickerbocker
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      Heather Knutzen
      Marivic Kokorowski
      Karyn Komatsu
      Jill Komoto
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      Katherine Kraska
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      Joan Kremel
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      Guy Lawrence
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      Debbie Lindholm
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      Lynda Liner
      Bonnie J Liner
      Michelle Linnabary
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      Suzanne and Kurt Lippmann
      Kohl Lippmann
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      Marisa Litz
      Brandon Lockhart
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      Quinn Zorich

      Corporate, Foundation, & Public Support


      Washington State Recreation & Conservation Office


      Pacific Salmon Commission
      Puget Sound Partnership
      Tacoma Public Utilities
      Washington Department of Fish and & Wildlife


      Boeing Company
      King County
      Laird Norton Family Foundation
      National Fish and  & Wildlife Foundation
      Nisqually Indian Tribe
      U.S. Fish and & Wildlife Service
      University of Washington


      Horizons Foundation
      Hugh and  & Jane Ferguson Foundation
      Lummi Nation
      National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
      Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment
      Satterberg Foundation
      The Norcliffe Foundation
      Vulcan Inc.


      Bonnell Cove Foundation
      Friends of Moran State Park
      MJF Foundation
      PCC Natural Markets
      Pike Place Chowder
      San Juan County LTAC
      Stillaguamish Tribe
      Tango Card Inc.
      TOTE Maritime Alaska


      Anchor QEA
      Anthony’s Restaurants
      Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
      Blackfish Ventures LLC
      Brighton Jones
      Clif Bar Family Foundation
      Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation
      Environmental Science Associates
      Hancock Forest Management
      Hewlett Packard
      Intel Corporation
      Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe
      King County Waterworks
      Microsoft Corporation
      MiiR Holdings, LLC
      Norman Archibald Foundation
      Orcas Island Community Foundation
      Pike Brewing Co.
      Pike Place Fish Market
      Port Blakely
      Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe
      Quinault Indian Nation
      Roche Harbor Resort
      Seattle City Light
      Suquamish Tribe
      Union Bank
      WA Sea Grant

      In Kind Donors

      ACT Theatre
      Art Wolfe
      Aslan Brewing Co.
      Aubree Irving
      Barre3 Seattle
      Bass Pro Shops
      Beer Star
      Bellevue Arts Museum
      Bike Works
      Bio-Oregon Inc
      Bis on Main
      Blowing Sands Glass Studio
      Bob and Barbara Jirsa
      Brian and Annette Larson
      Butler Seattle
      Caffe Ladro
      Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Co.
      Chinook Wines
      David M. Dufenhorst
      Deer Harbor Charters
      Doe Bay Wine Co
      Doug Wells
      El Gaucho Seattle
      Elise Antonio
      Eric and Susan Carlson
      Ethan Stowell Restaurants
      Fairmont Olympic Hotel
      Far Bank Enterprises
      Fix Salon
      Frame Central
      Frankie & Jo’s
      Frederick Wildman
      Freestone Inn
      Fremont Brewing
      Fresh Fish Company
      Gallery Frames
      Gary and Susan Collar
      Georgetown Brewing Company
      Goat’s Beard Mountain Supplies
      Grateful Bread
      Hama Hama Company
      Headlands Coastal Lodge and Spa
      Heritage Distilling Company
      Hyatt Regency Bellevue
      Il Bistro
      indi chocolate
      Jackson Family Wines
      Kenmore Air
      Ladywell’s Vitality Spa & Sauna
      Laura Blackmore

      Lisa Dupar & Company
      LOCAL Public Eatery in SLU
      LUKE Columbia Valley
      Macrina Bakery
      Majestic Bay Theatres
      Marie Mentor and Andy Cole
      Marina Bambans
      Merchant du Vin
      Michael Devany and Tracy Bishop
      Minta Crafts and Danny Draper
      Museum of Pop Culture
      Northwest Marine Technology
      OL Reign
      OOLA Distillery
      Optimism Brewing Company
      Pacific Salmon Foundation
      Peddler Brewing Company
      Penelope and the Beauty Bar
      Phil and Maggie Stalcup
      Pike Place Fish Market
      Preston Walls
      Publisher’s Mailing Service
      Puget Sound Express
      Rachel Recker
      Ray’s Boathouse & Cafe
      Reuben’s Brews
      Rhein Haus
      Robin Hood Village Resort
      RockCreek Seafood & Spirits
      Seattle Shakespeare Company
      Seattle Storm
      Sheri Ward
      Silver Oak Winery
      Steinbrueck Native Gallery
      Storyville Coffee
      Stoup Brewing
      The Nordic Museum
      The Seattle Mariners
      The Space Needle Foundation
      Todd and Brandy Sloan
      Tom and Deb Schadt
      Vineyard Brands
      Vitality Pilates
      Wine Outlet
      Woodland Park Zoo
      Zig Zag Café

      Looking Ahead

      For decades we’ve worked to restore our salmon and steelhead populations so current and future generations can experience their majesty and the benefits they provide from mountain to sea. With our many partners, we have just completed pioneering studies on early marine survival of these keystone species. Because of your support, we are now putting what we learned to work in the water, engaging communities, growing support, and building on the progress made over the last 30+ years.


      Only your sustained support will push this critical work forward in a time when salmon are threatened more than ever. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to LLTK today.



      Our vision for a Northwest with a growing human population, a thriving economy, and strong salmon runs depends on you. Your sustained support drives this work onward – thank you for being part of the salmon recovery community.